Electronics Product Development




TJM Electronics specializes in contract manufacturing and product development. Our strongest asset is our ability to take any electronic design and create a high functioning, reliable printed circuit board assembly that fits into any product or system. No matter the size or complexity of the design, TJM utilizes state-of-the-art automated machinery that performs at high-speed and guarantees precision, even for the most rugged designs


TJM works off of a strategic partnership model to provide customers with an easy one point of contact process from start to finish. Collaborating with industrial and mechanical engineers, we not only handle the look and feel of your product, we also explore the various design concepts through models, renderings, ergonomics research and design constraints for functionality and manufacturability. 


After exploring design concepts, we’ll take your design into the prototyping phase to test for functionality and user-friendly operation right at our facility in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Integrating assembly, painting, coating, finishing and testing, we will create an accurate and a full-functional prototype representation of your design. 

  • Turnkey/Quick Turn Assembly
  • Cable Assembly
  • Box Builds
  • Assembly Testing
  • Painting/Coating/Finishing
  • Part-Fit Testing
  • Temperature & Vibration
    Performance Testing


To ensure a safe, functional and user friendly product to all end-users, TJM has the skills, resources and expertise to provide highly reliable electronic products that are valued with caution, quality and flexibility. Complying with appropriate industry standards, we provide solutions for rugged, mission-critical requirements, typically used in the aerospace and defense industries. We raise the bar in electronics manufacturing by incorporating an easy, one-step process, guaranteeing a quick turn-around for contract manufacturing and product development.

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