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Our sister company, BBQ Guru just released the NEW DynaQ and UltraQ BBQ temperature controllers for charcoal grills and smokers. These brand new, high tech controllers are equipped with PCBs, proudly designed and assembled by TJM Electronics, that allow you to monitor and control your cook right from your smartphone!

What better way to kick off the nice weather with smoked BBQ brisket, pork, chicken – you name it, you smoke it!


TJM Electronics designed the printed circuit boards inside of the controllers as well as assembled the components with high precision and accuracy. To ensure the best quality controllers known to BBQ, TJM created prototypes to test both controls for its user-friendly ability and high-speed performance.

Utilizing Thermocouple probes, inserted in the BBQ pit and food, that interface with the custom designed PCB and firmware, the probe interprets the signal and outputs a temperature reading on the controller display (UltraQ) and/or sends the information via Bluetooth or Wifi to the user’s mobile application interface.

The temperature can be displayed in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. The temperature information is also used in conjunction with the firmware and PCB components to control and adapt to the behaviors of the BBQ pit and the user’s preferences for pit and food temperatures by controlling fan(s) to ensure proper pit temperature curves and holding temperatures.

The Guru Status Light Ring gives visual feedback on the status of your cooking temperature and the operation of the control. The LED’s in the ring will light up either red or blue depending on the PCB’s reading of the pit temperature. The LEDs on the sides will pulse to indicate when the variable fan is on and the entire ring will pulse when the pit temperature is too high.



features status Ling Ring, LED Temperature Display, and supports up to 3 food probes, allowing you to track the temperature of 3 different meats simultaneously. It supports  Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity to app. Graphs your temperatures and sends email and text message status alerts.


features the status Light Ring and supports up tp 1 food probe to control your pit temperature and track your food temperature. Bluetooth app allows for maximum control over your BBQ and sends email and text message status alerts. 


TJM Electronics specializes in printed circuit board assembly. With state-of-the-art, high-speed and top performing automated equipment, we create PCB assemblies with high-precision and accuracy for all types of boards such as rigid, flex, rigid & flex, multi-layer, etc. Whether your design requires SMT, thru-hole or mixed processing, TJM will meet the needs specific to your design as well as create prototypes to test for correctness before the product goes into its final stage of production.

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