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TJM Electronics offers innovative electronic product development and prototyping services right here in Bristol, Pennsylvania. We have the skills, resources, and knowledge to transform your design into an accurate and functional representation of your product.

Through our prototyping services, we explore design alternatives to ensure a user-friendly product that is ready for manufacture and production.



Prototyping holds a crucial role in the stages of product development, it simulates the real product testing for accuracy and functionality before going into production.

At TJM, we specialize in testing procedures that are critical for product performance especially in the aerospace and defense industry. We test products structural integrity and the ability to withstand harsh conditions imposed by extreme temperatures, moisture, shock/vibration, mechanical abuse or any other hazardous conditions that can defect the finalized product.

ISO 9001 certified, TJM strives to provide responsiveness and accuracy by utilizing modern process methodology, state-of-the-art fully automatic assembly lines and 3D optical inspection systems to meet the standards and requirements of our customers in the aerospace and defense, medical and industrial industries.

Quality is our biggest priority which is why we ensure high-performance prototyping and comprehensive testing so that your product is safe, manufacturable and ready for the market.


  • Turnkey & Quick Turn
  • Cable Assembly
  • Box Builds
  • Assembly Testing
  • Painting, Coating, Finishing
  • Part-Fit Testing
  • Temperature/Vibration Performance Testing

When it comes to prototyping at TJM, your product will be 100% tested at our facility for usability before spending the money for developing the final product. We will explore and suggest other alternatives if needed so that your finalized product is effective, user-friendly and ready for the market.

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