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When it comes to product development, there is no question that time is money, especially in today’s competitive market. Understanding the entire process of bringing a product to market includes identifying market needs, conceptualizing, designing, building, testing, and manufacturing. All of this takes time that many businesses do not typically have to spare. This is why product developers rely on contract manufacturers that offer full turnkey electronic contract manufacturing solutions to mainstream the product development process and get their products into production without the extra unnecessary steps included with outsourcing to multiple companies.  


To streamline production, TJM Electronics offers comprehensive turnkey electronic contract manufacturing solutions from PCB and electro-mechanical assembly to complete box builds. TJM will work with your design to produce a high-end assembly no matter the complexity. We have the resources and expertise to handle your PCB assembly with precision, whether strictly electrical components or requiring mechanical connections into the mix. 

Working in-house with TJM Electronics, ThermOmegaTech Inc. offers services that go hand-in-hand to make the entire product development process quicker and easier than our competitors. Along with TJMs services and capabilities of PCB assembly, cable assembly, box build, final assembly, and testing, we partner with our sister company to handle the design aspects of your product. Offering industrial and mechanical design services, All under the same roof, ThermOmegaTech will work with TJM to create the look and feel of your product while ensuring quality and robust functionality.  

Electro-mechanical assembly - PCB Box Build
Turnkey PCB Assembly - Observing


TJM broadens the PCB assembly process to incorporate cable assembly, mechanical assembly, and full system integration into a final product. We will install PCBAs, AC and DC power units, digital interfaces, audio/video, insulation displacement, and other complex electrical or mechanical components, as well cable and wire assemblies into a tailor-made box build enclosure based on your specific design requirements. 


Collaborating with ThermOmegaTech’s engineers, we have the resources and ability to bring your vision to life. Working under the same roof, TJM works hand-in-hand with ThermOmegaTech to explore industrial design concepts through modeling and renderings, accounting for functional benefits and manufacturability approaches based on design constraints, finished off with mockups of a proposed design to scale for final review. 

Turnkey PCB Assembly - Engineer Working with CAD Software


Equipped with 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) modeling software, ThermOmegaTech’s mechanical design engineers work with our electronics specialists to refine part assemblies and optimize designs for functionality and manufacturability. 

They also provide FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for structural, vibrational, and thermal designs incorporating GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) with manufacturing in mind. 

Turnkey PCB Assembly - Testing


Whether you are looking to test the performance of an idea, evaluate room for product improvement, or showcase a new product to an investor or at a show, TJM Electronics, and ThermOmegaTech will create an accurate and functional prototype representation of your PCBA and final product design. 

Our objective is to solve your prototyping challenges by proving and testing your concept to help your customers/investors understand and visualize your product and then begin the manufacturing process. 


Do not waste time and money trying to find multiple manufacturers! With TJM Electronics PCB and electro-mechanical assembly, and our dedicated team of mechanical design engineers at ThermOmegaTech’s AS9100D certified facility in Warminster, PA, we can assure your product is in good hands. Our goal is to make the production process as seamless as possible for our customers by offering full turnkey PCB assembly solutions that include all the necessary steps in product development.  


We prioritize customer satisfaction, which means quality, timing, and cost-efficiency are at the top of our list. Our 30+ years of experience and cutting-edge technology, as well as trusted relationships and partners, allow us to offer custom turnkey PCB assembly services to meet all of your design needs 




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